The gift I give you is the gift of Gratitude, if you feel anxiety, STOP and concentrate on the little good things that we seldom think of in our lives ( spouse, loving family, etc.) you will feel much better if you stop and think of all the things in your live to be Grateful for, you will see how anxiety fades away.



The gift I give you is to remind you that Happiness is no ones responsibility but yours, I have often heard people say he or she doesn't make me happy,IT'S NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO MAKE YOU HAPPY, if you concentrate on improving you happiness you will notice a substantial change in your life.



The gift I give you is to see yourself in places you want to be, the life you want, the love you long for and all this with good health and wealth----NOW, believe this to be true, act and behave as if this is the life style you now have, the more you believe this, the closer you are to realizing your vision.


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The gift I give you, is the gift of knowing that no one has ever walked the face of the earth, exactly like you, nor, will any one in the future be exactly like you, you are unique to this moment and time, it therefore stands to reason, that whatever you think or do is also unique, what marks you leave on this world will always stay in that moment of time, wouldn't it be wonderful to leave all positive marks in your moments.


The gift I give you, is the gift of putting your positive thoughts into action, you're to speak positive, you're to walk positive, and you're to act positive in all you do and say, the one word of caution is don't present yourself in a "better then you" attitude, this is not acceptable, there is a fine line between the both, but if you can find that area, whoa, are you in store for some very good things.



The Gift I give to you, is a reminder stone, What is a reminder stone?, it is a small stone I carry in my pocket, it has no power, its there to remind me that I need to give thanks to my life force for all the health, wealth, love and good things it has brought into my life. you see I don't ask for anything, I give thanks for what I have been given. My life force knows my needs, therefore I don't need to ask. You should do the same thing, find a stone or something unusal to keep in your pocket or purse and every time you touch it stop, and give thanks for all you've been given. If you want a reminder stone, I have some, for a small shipping and handling fee, ($5.50) I can send you a very nice stone for you to use, but please remember the stone does not have any magical powers, and I'm not going to con you, the stone is used as a reminder, you are the magical power.

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