The Gift I give to you, is a reminder stone, What is a reminder stone?, it is a small stone I carry in my pocket, it has no power, its there to remind me that I need to give thanks to my life force for all the health, wealth, love and good things it has brought into my life. you see I don't ask for anything, I give thanks for what I have been given. My life force knows my needs, therefore I don't need to ask. You should do the same thing, find a stone or something unusal to keep in your pocket or purse and every time you touch it stop, and give thanks for all you've been given. If you want a reminder stone, I have some, for a small shipping and handling fee, ($5.50) I can send you a very nice stone for you to use, but please remember the stone does not have any magical powers, and I'm not going to con you, the stone is used as a reminder, you are the magical power.

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